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Pokemon Colosseum - GameCube Game

Pokemon Colosseum was an enormous game that allowed you to import your Pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green, and Fire Red Versions to fight in exciting, fully animated, 3D battles! In that regard it was a spiritual successor to the Pokemon Stadium games for the Nintendo 64. However, Pokemon Colosseum completely broke the mold by containing an entirely new Pokemon adventure! Players took on the role of Wes, a Pokemon trainer who recently left the criminal organization Team Snagem. Snagem have become the terror of the Orre region with their mysterious ability to steal other trainers’ Pokemon and corrupt their spirits. Now Wes travels the land, seeking to save these Shadow Pokemon by stealing them back and restoring them to their old selves. This self-contained story could be completed entirely with the Pokemon Wes aquires on his journey, or you could use your Pokemon from any of the Game Boy Advance games to aid the cause. However, even after you finished bringing peace to the Orre region, you still had the option to climb the summit of Mt Battle, the toughest Pokemon challenge to date! Mt Battle consisted of 100 increasingly difficult trainers who possessed Pokemon teams that were tougher than anything on the Game Boy Advance. Going toe to toe with the strongest competition Nintendo could create, with state of the art graphics, made for the most exciting battles players had ever experienced! Top that off with tons of exclusive Pokemon and items you could port over to your Game Boy Advance games, an entire new world to explore, tons of memorable characters, and you had a game that remains a must-own title for any Pokemon fan.

Nintendo GameCube game in good used condition. All Nintendo GameCube games will play on both the GameCube and compatible Wii system consoles. Like all our games, thias item has been cleaned, tested, guaranteed to work, and backed by our free 120 day warranty.

Complete option contains original game disc with manual in an original Nintendo GameCube case with cover art.

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