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Pokemon Emerald Version - Game Boy Advance Game

Pokemon Emerald version combined the very best elements of Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, and Leaf Green Versions to create the definitive Pokemon game for the Game Boy Advance. It expands upon the story from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire to create a truly epic narrative. Two warring secret societies plan to awaken legendary beasts that are said to have the power to reshape entire continents. Unfortunately both groups succeed, releasing Kyogre and Groudon, who immediately begin to battle each other in a brawl that threatens to tear the world apart. Now, you must try to find the mysterious third beast, Rayquaza, who is said to have sealed the two monsters away when they last threatened all life on the planet. The fate of every Pokemon is in your hands. In addition to a bigger story, Emerald featured plenty of other enhancements. Pokemon were now fully animated, springing into motion whenever you encountered them. On top of that, even after you beat the main game there was still a whole new world of challenges that awaited you. Anyone who defeated the Elite Four to become a Pokemon Master was invited to the Battle Frontier, and entire island populated by insanely powerful Pokemon trainers who would test your skills to the absolute limit. On top of that, Pokemon Abilities now provided additional field benefits like hatching eggs faster. Gym Leaders could be challenged for rematches. Brand new mini-games “Pokemon Jump,” and “Dodrio Berry Picking” made for fun diversions. And, that’s just the big changes. It would take all day to explain the hundreds of various tweaks made to improve the gameplay in countless ways. Suffice it to say, Emerald was bigger, better, and bolder than anything that came before it. If you want to play Pokemon at its absolute best, Emerald is the only way to go!
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