Pokemon Leaf Green Version - GameBoy Advance Game


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Pokemon Leaf Green Version - Game Boy Advance Game

This is the original Pokemon Adventure, remastered and reimagined for the Game Boy Advance! The GBA’s full color graphics, cinematic aspect ratio, and improved audio made for a Pokemon adventure like no other. A grand total of 386 Pocket Monsters waited to be caught, trained, and battled in this massive Pokemon epic! It’s plot is a remake of the story from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. You are a kid from the sleepy suburbs of Palette Town, who dreams of being the very best, like no one ever was. And, once you turn ten years old allowing you to get a Pokemon trainer’s License, you set out to show the world what you’ve got. Along the way you butt heads with your lifelong rival, topple Team Rocket, and crush the elite four to take your rightful place as a Pokemon Master. However, after reaching the conclusion of the original games’ story, Leaf Green offered a ton of brand new adventures! The Sevii Islands contained a host of new Pokemon and fresh perils for you to discover. Classic Pokemon could learn hundreds of new moves, wield dozens of equippable items, and had access to the abilities from Ruby and Sapphire Versions to allow for an unprecedented degree of customization for your favorite team of Pokemon. Add onto that the inclusion of the 2 v 2 battle system that pit four Pokemon against each other at once, and you could now experience the most challenging Pokemon battles to date! Pokemon Leaf Green Version is a remastered classic that proved Pokemon had worlds of potential that had yet to be explored, while setting the bar for all the games that followed it.
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GameBoy Advance
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