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Pokemon Yellow Pikachu Edition - Game Boy

Pokemon Yellow Version is essentially the Special Edition of Pokemon Red and Blue Version. It took the formula of both hit games and added a ton of great new features. For the first time ever, Pokemon was fully compatible with the Game Boy Color, allowing for all 151 critters to have their own unique color schemes. Additionally, every single Pokemon got a graphic overhaul to appear more like they did in the hit cartoon show and official game artwork. In fact, Yellow Version does a lot to feel more like the cartoon. Pikachu was now your default starting Pokemon, and rather than sit in a Pokeball, it literally walks beside you for the entire game. Even the series’ Team Rocket antagonists, Jessie and James, make cameos. New trainers and fresh challenges awaited anyone who was brave enough to explore this freshly remixed world of Pokemon. Added goodies like the secret Surfing Pikachu mini-game did a lot to distinguish this series entry from its predecessors, and offer what is hands down the best way to experience the original Pokemon epic.

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