Pokemon Stadium 2 - N64 Game

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Pokemon Stadium 2 - N64 Game

Pokemon Stadium 2 was a massive upgrade to the Nintendo 64’s premier Pokemon battling game. Thanks to the N64 Transfer Pak, it was completely compatible with the Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions of the hit Game Boy series. This meant Stadium now featured an incredible 251 unique Pokemon, and battle moves all lovingly rendered in glorious 3D. It even added a Pokemon Academy mode just to teach you all the new tricks and battle tactics new to the game. Even if you had totally beaten the original Game Boy titles, Pokemon Stadium 2 provided an unparalleled challenge guaranteed to push even the most seasoned Pokemon Master to their limits. In Gym Leader Castle you could have a rematch with all 16 gym leaders, the Elite Four, the Champion, and even your Rival over two levels of brain-bending difficulty. But if that wasn’t enough, Stadium Mode let you go head to head in Pokemon battles against your friends, or take part in one of four different challenge cups, to prove you were the best like no one ever was. And if you ever wanted to take time out to further train your favorite Pokemon, the Tranfer Pak allowed you to do so right on your TV, at up to three times the usual speed! An additional 12 new minigames, a 3D Pokedex, and a ton of other features made Pokemon Stadium 2 the definitive upgrade for the Game Boy titles. Whether you’re looking for the best way to experience the first two Pokemon generations, or a fun standalone challenge, Pokemon Stadium 2 remains one of the greatest spectacles ever made for the Nintendo 64.

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