Star Fox 64 - N64 Game

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Star Fox 64 - N64 Game

Star Fox was another Super Nintendo classic that received a quantum boost from the Nintendo 64’s revolutionary hardware. All of the space-faring, dogfighting action of the original returned in glorious real 3D. This allowed for all manner of advanced maneuvers, from barrel-rolls, to exciting nose-diving loop-de-loops. And, thanks to the newly released N64 Rumble Pack, this time you actually felt the thunder of every explosion that rocked the skies. Crisp animation and hi-def visuals, paired with some of the best voice acting for the console, made Star Fox 64 a treat for both the eyes and the ears. The addition of the LandMaster Tank and the Blue-Marine allowed you to engage enemies from land, sea and sky! But. it was the 25 unique story paths the game could take and multiple secret endings that kept gamers coming back for more. Star Fox 64 is a relatively short game, but with so many different ways to experience it, and the challenge of mastering each level with a variety of vehicles, it’s a title that never wears out its welcome. Tack on some fun multiplayer Battle modes, and there is virtually no end to the replayability of this Nintendo 64 masterpiece.

See how it feels to feel what you see! The N64 Rumble Pak controller accessory instantly transmits all the bumps and blasts during the action. It's a new jolt to your game play experience!

Original Nintendo 64 game cartridge only.
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  • N64 Rumple Pak compatible (sold separately)
  • Four Players compete simultaneously in Vs Mode!
  • Game Pak Memory saves the top scores! (sold separately)
  • Outstanding cinema scenes tell the Star Fox saga!
NTSC (US, Canada)
120 Day Warranty. For more information Click Here.