Star Wars Episode 1 Racer - N64 Game

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Star Wars Racer Episode 1 for The N64

The Podracing scene may be the only thing about Star Wars: The Phantom Menace that everyone can agree was awesome. It was Sci-Fi NASCAR, but with way more crashes. With a formula like that, turning the fictional sport into a video game was a no-brainer. The team at Lucas Arts took the colorful and outlandish nature of Podracing and made a surprisingly straight-forward racing game. And, that’s not a bad thing. Star Wars Episode I: Racer is a serious racing game, and that does a lot to make it feel as though you are taking part in an actual sports title. Little details added to each Pod’s unique animations also brought the cinematic experience to life. Metallic flaps and panels snap open and clack shut as you adjust your flight path around every turn. Even the game’s controls made this game feel like something from out of this world. By using two controllers, and holding one in each hand, gamers could direct each of their Pod’s twin engines independently. This could help with some of the trickier turns, but also created an experience like no other. The ability to customize your Pod with parts bought with each race’s winnings gave the game even more depth, as minor variations in the weight or thrust of your vehicle would greatly effect how it handled. There’s never been a better way to experience the Star Wars Universe, while screaming through it at over 600 miles per hour.
A 3-D Racing Game based on The movie "Star Wars The Phantom Menace".
Cartridge only, tested and works like new! 
NTSC (US, Canada)
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