Star Wars Rogue Squadron - N64 Game


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Star Wars:Rogue Squadron - N64 Game

When it comes to the sheer size of game levels, they didn’t get any bigger than this. The snowy tundras of Hoth, blistering deserts of Tatooine, sprawling Imperial construction yards, and majestic cloud cities were only a few of the enormous worlds you would visit. And if you had the N64 Expansion Pak enabled, those worlds could all be viewed in ludicrously hi-def graphics. The game itself is all about piloting space craft through a variety of military-themed missions. And, you were given a veritable fleet of iconic Star Wars craft to choose from. On top of that the game featured an unprecedented 80 minutes of high-quality stereo surround sound. The dynamic soundtrack which accompanies you through every mission, grows more frantic to match the dangers you face so that the game’s tone is always pitch perfect. All of these elements combine to create what is easily the best Star Wars title for the N64, and a game that genuinely makes you feel like you’re in the film.

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NTSC (US, Canada)
Action Adventure
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