Star Wars Shadows of the Empire - N64 Game

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Star Wars:Shadows of the Empire - N64 Game

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... As Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance struggle to defeat Darth Vader and the Empire, a new threat arises. Dark Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate, aspires to take Dark Vader's place at the Emperpor's side. To do that, he must eliminate young Skywalker. As Dash Rendar, it's up to you to protect Luke and help the Alliance defeat the evil Xizor. Wath out for infamous bounty hunters and deadly stormtroopers!

Way back in December of 1996, Star Wars was everywhere. A newly remastered special edition of the original trilogy was about to make its its theatrical debut. But that was still a month away, and America couldn’t wait to get a fresh taste of its favorite space opera! Enter Shadows of the Empire: a game that was perfect for its time. It was the answer to what the nation craved: a new Star Wars adventure. Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, players got to revisit familiar sights of the Star Wars Universe from the perspective of Dash Rendar, a skilled Mercenary under the employ of the Rebel alliance. The game drops players right into the action, by battling their way off the ice planet, Hoth, both on foot and by Snowspeeder. From there, players fought against Boba Fett, in a desperate attempt to reclaim Han Solo’s Carbonite frozen body. They saved Luke Skywalker from a band of assassins. And as each mission unfolded, players began to uncover a far darker conspiracy: a secret plot to destabilize the entire galaxy, and at its heart, the sinister Prince Xizor. In terms of gameplay, Shadows of the Empire had a little bit of everything. There were fast-paced races on hover-bikes, exciting dogfights between star ships, and 3D platforming levels where players guided Dash on foot, while using his trusty jetpack to avoid enemy fire. Shadows of the Empire had something for everyone! And since everyone was exactly who was looking for a new Star Wars adventure, it delivered big time. Now admittedly, there’s been plenty of Star Wars since then. But, if you want to relive the original epic that expanded a Universe, you cannot go wrong with this classic.

May the Force be with you!

  • Storyline is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi!
  • Ten action-packed levels!
  • Several game modes!
  • Fly a snowspeeder in the Battle of Hoth or ride a hovertrain through the junkyards of Old Mantell!
  • Game progress stored in memory.

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NTSC (US, Canada)
Action Adventure
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