Super Mario All-Stars - SNES Game

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Super Mario All-Stars - SNES Game

Super Mario All Stars is the ultimate Mario experience. Combining the three original Nintendo Entertainment System classics into one Super Nintendo cartridge, this game gave Mario a 16- Bit Makeover. It’s got revamped graphics, an updated soundtrack, but still retains the same silky-smooth gameplay you originally loved and mastered. And, then some. This game also features a ton of “Lost Levels,” Super Mario trials so unforgivingly difficult they were banned by Nintendo of America for seven years. (Yes, really.) So, whether you’re looking to play the definitively remastered trilogy of Mario masterpieces, or tackle a whole new wold of challenge, Super Mario All Stars is guaranteed to be a treat for any fans of the world’s most popular plumber. It's the greatest collection of Mario games under one roof! Make sure they're under your roof too! Where else can players find four smash-hit game in one Game Pak? Revisit the magic and fun of the classic Super Mario Bros. series on your Super NES. All the great Super Mario Bros. games for the NES have been powered up with 16-bit graphics and sound and assembled on one super Game Pak. As an added bonus, the previously unreleased "Lost Levels" are included. These super challenging courses have never been available in this country until now! 

Why buy this when I already have The original Super Mario Bros. series you ask? Say hello to the new battery-backed memory saves for up to 4 players' progress through every game! Don't forget the new 16-bit graphics, sound and other surprises too! Four smash-hit games in one Game Pak! This cartridge contains the following 4 games: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.

Original Super Nintendo SNES game cartridge only. 
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