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Super Mario Bros. - NES Game

Super Mario Bros. is the game that introduced the NES to the world. It is easily the most iconic video game ever made, and most likely the first you ever played. When Super Mario Bros starts up, you’re greeted with a gorgeous title screen and total silence. Then you press start, and it all springs to life! The music pipes up, the characters start moving, and soon you’re reveling in the chime of every collected coin, the plink of each fireball Mario shoots, and the satisfying sight of every Goomba smushed and Koopa Shell kicked. I bet that if you close your eyes, you can still remember every little detail. Even the secret warp pipes and magic bean stalks that lead to incredible rewards. Maybe the fanfare that roared whenever you defeated the dread King Bowser in one of his evil castles. Super Mario Bros. isn’t a game that needs description. It sticks with you, no matter how long it’s been since you last held a game pad. It’s an experience like no other, and, it’s waiting for you discover it all over again.

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NTSC (US, Canada)
Action Adventure
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