Super Mario Kart - SNES Game

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Super Mario Kart - SNES Game

Today, Mario’s known for appearing in just about every Sport, Olympic Event, Typing Tutor, and Dancing Game imaginable. But, there was a simpler time when all he did was jump around and save the princess. It wasn’t until the groundbreaking game, Super Mario Kart, that Mario decided to take something new for a test drive. Much like F-Zero before it, Mario Kart was a racing game that utilized the Super Nintendo’s revolutionary Mode 7 graphics to make you really make you feel like you were behind the wheel. However, unlike F-Zero, Mario Kart was designed to be a multiplayer experience. The entire game is presented in two-player friendly split-screen. Even when your playing solo modes, the lower half of the screen is devoted to showing off where every one of your opponents were located on the track, which is pretty useful to know when any one of them could try and snipe you with a green shell from behind. Oh. Yeah, this was one of the first ever Racing Games to give players a small arsenal of weapons, power-ups, and traps to make sure you were always on your toes. This was such an integral part of the game, it even got a special “Battle” mode, where the only way to win was to destroy the competition. However you chose to play, there was no arguing that when it came to gaming with family and friends, Mario Kart was the Super Nintendo’s gold standard.

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