Super Mario Sunshine - GameCube Game

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Super Mario Sunshine - GameCube Game

Released in 2002, Super Mario Sunshine remains one of the most unique Mario adventures ever made. While taking a well-deserved vacation from rescuing princesses and vanquishing evil turtles, Mario discovers that the inhabitants of the beach resort, Isle Delfino, blame him for a recent spree of grafiti vandalism. In order to set things straight, the plucky plumber dons the all new FLUDD device that allows him to run faster, jump higher, float across deadly pits, and clean even the toughest stains with it’s powerful water cannons. Mario’s Dinosaur friend Yoshi also helps out, making its first main series appearance since Super Mario World for the SNES. With a ton of new tools and helpful allies, Mario sets out to clean up the island, while clearing his name. This Mario title is occasionally overshadowed by other games in the series, but make no mistake, this game definitely shines through where it counts. Isle Delfino is a brilliantly colorful world that grows steadily more vibrant as Mario cleans away the gunk in every level. The music is absolutely sublime, and is universally recognized as some of the best composed for the system. And the gameplay, well, it’s Mario! Every jump, glide, and sprint feels perfectly implemented, thanks to the series’ legendary controls. Without a doubt Super Mario Sunshine showcases the Gamecube at its absolute best, and more than deserves a space in anyone’s collection. Nintendo GameCube game in good used condition.

All Nintendo GameCube games will play on both the GameCube and compatible Wii system consoles. Like all our games, this item has been cleaned, tested, guaranteed to work, and backed by our free 1 year warranty.
Includes original game disc only. Complete option contains original game disc with manual in an original Nintendo GameCube case with cover art.

NTSC (US, Canada)
Action Adventure
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