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Super Smash Bros. - N64 Game

Super Smash Bros is one of those rare games you never knew you’d always wanted. I mean, how many of us were really hoping that there was a game where that racecar driver from F-Zero could repeatedly punch the kid from Earthbound. But then somehow, out of nowhere, that game popped into existence. And it was the greatest thing ever. Super Smash Bros was a revolutionary game for two reasons. Firstly, it was Nintendo’s long overdue crossover game that brought together characters from its many franchises for one epic quest. It’s just that I think most of us thought that it would be something other than beating each other senseless. And secondly: Smash redefined what a fighting game could be. It took the two-dimensional combat of Street Fighter, but placed it in a variety of colorful stages that players could jump around like a traditional platformer. Then it took the usual one on one battle mechanics and tossed them out the window. Want Mario to use his special fireball move? Just press the “B” button. You want Mario to do a special uppercut move that makes his opponents explode into golden coins? Yeah, that’s a trickier one; press “Up and B.” There were no fancy inputs for super moves, up to four people could play at the same time, and they gave you items to use against opponents. And, what items they were! Pokeballs, Warp Stars, Invincibility Stars, explosive Bob-ombs, proximity mines, ray guns, Super Hammers and more! And the fighting arenas were all plucked from the greatest video game levels across the Nintendo universe. Get your buddies together, choose an adorable cartoon mascot, and then send them to lava-filled depths of Planet Zebes to fight until only one is left standing. Not extreme enough? How about the vacuum of space, on top of Star Fox’s mothership, while Arwings indiscriminately fire lasers at everyone? Too much? Try out Kirby’s Dreamland. It has a tree that can make the wind blow against you...every time you’re trying to avoid falling down a bottomless pit. Was it fair game? No. Was it balanced? Heck, no! Was it fun? Undeniably. Nintendo’s four-player party/fighting crossover game is something weird and wonderful. If you own a Nintendo 64 and at least one controller, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be in your library.

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