Top Secret Passwords NES, SNES & GameBoy - Nintendo Player's Guide


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Top Secret Passwords Nintendo Players Guide from 1992. May contain minor rips, creases, marks, and scratches. Good used condition!
Uncover the secrets of your all-time favorite NES, SNES and Game Boy games. The only top secret file from the pros at Nintendo with passwords to lead you through to the final enemy or the last stage of the game. Solve the mysteries of 140 games with passwords or stage selects. Check out our master file of 250 games in the index.
NES Games: Mega Man II, II, IV - Metroid - Gargoyle's Quest II - Tecmo Bowl - Castlevania II, III - Batman: Return of the Joker and more...
SNES: Castlevania IV - Lemmings - Pilot Wings - Wings 2: Aces High - Krustys Super Fun House - Legend of the Mystical Ninja and more...
Game Boy: Gargoyle's Quest - Castlevania II - Star Trek - The Sword of Hope - Who Framed Roger Rabbit and more...
NTSC (US, Canada)
Manual & Guide
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