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Turok 2 Seeds of Evil - N64 Game


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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (Black) - N64 Game

This right here is an original Nintendo 64 cartridge of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil! Bought from a natural collection, checked, cleaned, and tested for optimal condition, this game is guaranteed to run like new. Picking up where Turok: Dinosaur Hunter left off, this remains one of the greatest video game sequels of all time. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is the First Person Shooter that pushed the N64 to its limits like no other. Bigger levels, bigger guns, huge enemies, unprecedented graphics, a sweeping symphonic soundtrack, and an additional multiplayer mode that could only be powered by the Nintendo 64’s revolutionary Expansion Pak. Playing this action packed thrill ride will take you right back to ‘98, where every shot from your Cranial Bore gun blew your mind as much as anyone on the receiving end of that gory, head-popping goodness. So, kick back, replay one of the finest shooters ever made, and have a bloody good time.

Original Nintendo 64 game cartridge only.
All DK's classic used games are cleaned, tested, guaranteed to work and backed by a 120 day warranty.

NTSC (US, Canada)
120 Day Warranty

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