Wave Race 64 - N64 Game

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Wave Race 64 - N64 Game

Wave Race 64 is the thrilling jet ski racing game that blew all of its competition out of the water! Even though it was one of the earlier games to come out for the N64, Wave Race still manages to stand out as one of the best looking titles on the system. All four of the unique jet skis and racers are colorful and beautifully animated. The courses are diverse and filled with realistic hazards, set pieces, and incredible lighting effects. This may be the first N64 game to feature fully rendered lens flares. However, the star of the show is undoubtedly the water. You think that’s a joke? Even today, developers have trouble making water look real. In wave Race 64 it not only looks real, it feels real! Each wave is unique and presents its own swell and crash for players to navigate. During sunny afternoons, the calm ocean is a crystaline blue that allows you to see pods of dolphins frolicking beneath the surface. Those same digital waters visibly darken and turn choppy in stormier weather. As evening approaches, the entire sea takes on a gorgeous sun-kissed hue. That level of detail was completely unprecedented in 1996, and still looks amazing over two decades later. But as fun as it is to stare at imaginary water, a racing game is still only as good as its gameplay. And wow, does Wave Racer 64 deliver! This is a title made for the N64. The whole game is built around the controller’s analog joystick, which rolls effortlessly along the crest of every wave. Crashing into obstacles flings you off your jet ski. Crashing into other racers knocks them off their jet ski. Making sharp turns at full speed is exhilarating, as you try to push your momentum as far as it will go without capsizing yourself. And, the ability to alter your jet ski ‘s attributes to match your play style created endless customization possibilities. In addition to the core arcade mode, Wave Race 64 includes time trials and a stunt mode. The game also sports the obligatory two-player mode that lets you race against friends. There’s a purity to Wave Race 64’s design. It’s a game that never loses sight of its purpose, and that’s straight-up wave racing action. By working to perfect that as much as possible, it makes for an incredible game that leaves everything else its wake.

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