12 SNES Games To Start Your Retro Collection

Posted by DKOldies.com on Aug. 4th, 2015

Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past - SNES GameRetro Super Mario World SNES GameLooking to start your Super Nintendo Entertainment System collection? Use this as a guide. These are the classics (and a few wild cards) you can use as a jumping off point to the wonderful world of retro video games. 

1. Super Mario World

Retro Super Mario World SNES Game

The classic Super Mario game is a staple of Nintendo and This one was no exception. Taking the original three Mario games and improving in almost all ways. The characters and easy to learn/hard to master gameplay are the reason this title is on the list.

2. Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past - SNES Game

The best Zelda game ever made! Taking all the great things the original did and treating it out just enough to make this a perfect adventure with everyone's favorite wood elf. Any nintendo fan must play through this title for the story and adventure. This game will stick in your memory for a long time.

3. Super Metroid

Super Metroid - SNES Game

Samus's new adventure takes place in a lot of Mini adventures and lots of new weapons! Also this time around, a much needed map feature. You thought you were done with Mother Brain the first time? This time, you will be out of your seat screaming at your TV! Another, better than the first on the SNES.

4. Donkey Kong Country Series

Donkey Kong Country -  Retro SNES Games

Not only is Donkey Kong in this one, but if you play the whole series you get to meet the whole Kong Family! This is a great series overall and revolutionary graphics for the time.

5. Pocky & Rocky 2

Pocky & Rocky 2 - Super Nintento Rare Game

Lesser known but that doesn't mean lesser fun. Natsume makes another great title with P&R2. A top down shoot 'em up. player one controls Pocky and player two will choose from one of four characters. Player two has unlimited lives and is more of a support role. All characters have special abilities and the combinations of characters and unique abilities make this game stand out amount the rest. A great 2 player game that still holds up in today's gaming world. 

6. Aladdin

Disneys Aladdin Super Nintendo SNES Game

Disney has some great titles on the SNES and Capcom hit a home-run with Aladdin. Everything in this game is polished to a blinding sheen. Gameplay, music, graphics, and animation are second to none. As you would expect, all the characters are here from the movie. Aladdin when originally released was accepted by many critics as the best game on the SNES. 

7. Mega Man X Series

Mega Man x Super Nintendo Game

Mega Man has always been a fan favorite. Challenging, fast paced gameplay that's all about timing! The X series was the pinnacle of the Mega Man series. X took Mega Man to the next level with lots of new features like dash, wall cling, wall jump, and dash jump. The mobility features added something that was missing and was need to move forward. With great Bosses and level design, all you need are lightning fast reflexes to make it to the finish line. 

8. EarthBound 

Earthbound Rare Retro SNES Game

I can't say enough good about this game. With it's quirky characters, strange situations and deep underlying themes. Reminiscent of an "Every Childhood". Live a strange life through the eyes of a child and decide for yourself if this is a masterpiece or just a weird trip.

9. Secret Of Mana

Secret of Mana - Used Super Nintendo Game

A multiplayer RPG, that alone is an accomplishment. Throwing out the turn based games play and replacing it with real-time action was also a great switch-up. Utilize the ring command system to navigate through the amazing plot and save the world. Play with up to three players and you will share an adventure like no other.

10. Tetris Attack

Tetris Attack - Super Nintedo Game Cartridge

Not your typical Tetris. Attack is a multiplayer puzzle game that will keep you busy for a long, long time.

11. Lion King

Lion King  Used Super Nintendo Game for Sale

Another Disney movie game done right. The games scenes rival the movie. Play as the child Simba in the first half and adult in the second. All along using your abilities to navigate through highly detailed levels, solve puzzles and finally battle your evil uncle, Scar. 

12. Mortal Kombat II

Mortal Konbat 2 - SNES Used Games for Sale

The best of the Mortal Kombat series on SNES. MK2 struck the perfect balance between the characters and fighting mechanics. Challenge your friends or the AI in a bitter battle to the end in this killer fighting game. Toasty! 

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