5 Must-Have Nintendo Games for Under $10

Posted by Steven Collier on Jan. 28th, 2016

Retro gaming isn't supposed to be a wallet-hurting hobby. One of the perks of playing yesterday's classics is that you can pick them up for great prices. To help prove that point here are my fav 5 NES games you can pick up for under $10:

Dr Mario

Dr Mario is one of the most popular puzzle games ever made, and with good reason. It stands out from games like Tetris by constantly changing the layout of each stage. You need to be on your toes to win this one. Add to that its ludicrously catchy music, and you have one of the all time greats!

Dr Mario - Buy for NES

Mach Rider

Mach rider is one of the first post-apocalyptic racing games ever made. It borrows heavily from films like Mad Max, but that's hardly a bad thing. Zoom across the wasteland on your tommygun-toting motorcycle and blow away the roving bike gangs out to get you. For such an early NES title, it's graphics and speed are nothing short of astonishing. And as an added bonus, there's even a race track editor that lets you create your own sadistic speedways. It's a tragically overlooked racer.

Mach Rider - Buy for NES

Demon Sword

Don't let the Fabio look-alike on the box fool you. Demon Sword is an amazing ninja action game. From the word go, this gives you the full Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon treatment. You can jump 50 feet in the air, fight off dozens of opponents, and climb pretty much anything in sight. While it lacks the polish of Ninja Gaiden, it is much less frustrating experience to beat, and offers more than its own share of unique thrills to make it a memorable ride.

Demon Sword - Buy for NES

Super Spike V'Ball

Okay. I know that when people think video games, "Volley Ball" isn't usually one of the words that springs to mind. But, that doesn't change the fact that Super Spike V'Ball is one of the most colorful, responsive, and downright fun games ever released for the NES. It even feature the two guys from Double Dragon as a playable team! But, its incredible multi-player mode is what puts it over the top. If you like to play with your friends this is a must-buy.

Super Spike V'Ball - Buy for NES

Star Tropics

This isn't just a fantastic budget title, it's one of the most criminally underrated games for the NES. Star Tropics is a top-down adventure game much like the originial Zelda. It features dungeons, puzzles, a variety of weapons, and a ton of enemies. This is a brilliantly designed game that is easy on the eyes and ears. I really don't have one bad thing to say about it. If you own a Nintendo, there's no excuse for Star Tropics not to be in your collection!

Star Tropics - Buy for NES

That wraps up this list of my 5 favorite budget titles. Are there any I missed? Let me know about your favorite affordable retro games are in the comments!

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