Are you ready for Super Mario Bros. “the Lost Levels”?

Posted by on Apr. 29th, 2014

Super Mario All Stars for the Super Nintendo has more games than you think. If you are like me, you want a little variety every now and then. Like in the case of my playing Super Mario Bros. for some… unfathomable amount of time throughout my life. Hazy afternoons and mornings, even weekends, zipping by as my eyes lock to a TV screen with little Italian men jumping over Goombas and other critters. Well, rejoice in the fact that there is a classic Mario Bros. game you may have overlooked and it's the Mario Lost Levels.

The story is a familiar one. The Mushroom Kingdom was a peaceful place, until the fateful day that Bowser used his twisted magic to invade it. Bowser turned most of the Mushroom kingdom’s people into rocks, bricks and mushrooms. He even kidnaped Princess Toadstool and held her captive in his huge castle. Oh, my!

Don’t be deceived from the same old story line, this is much more difficult than your average SMB venture. EG, Unlike the other titles, you don’t go eating every mushroom you see. eating the blue Mushrooms has poisonous effects.

Super Mario Bros Classic Video Games

Along with cutting edge 1993 graphics, sound effects and music, Nintendo once again guarantees you a good time. Happy to share this title to our friends in and out of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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