Do Millennials Love To Play the Same NES Games As You Do?

Posted by Joey on Jun. 3rd, 2016

Millennials and playing NES video games go together like Millennials and drinking citrus flavored IPA's. But do they like playing all the same retro 8-bit classics as older generations? A lot of  DKOldies employees are in this mysterious age group and all have agreed to share with us their retro Nintendo 8-bit games they play most and the reason why they love playing them.

Joey - Social Media Assistant

3. Metroid
2. Duck Tales
1. Little Nemo: The Dream Master"Little Nemo is a challenging side-scroller where you change into animals with different powers. My sister and I played this game for hours because it was so unique"

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Jeff - Shipping Extraordinaire

3. Super Mario Bros. 2
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
1. Kirby's Adventure"Kirby's Adventure was difficult, but still playable as a child and I enjoyed the challenge. I still have nightmares about beating the final boss, a penguin you fought in a boxing ring."

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Zach - Customer Service Specialist

3. Excitebike
2. Batman
1. Adventure Island"I played Adventure Island with my Dad but neither of us could beat it. It was a side-scroller where you threw tomahawks at enemies. I could never quite finish the final levels."

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Dustin - Inventory Assisstant

3. Galaga
2. Pac-man
1. Legend of Zelda"Legend of Zelda is my favorite NES game. Wizzrobes, Darknuts, and Statues... oh my!"

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Ash - Sell Your Games Assistant

3. Rampage
2. Addams Family
1. The Adventures of Bayou Billy"In Bayou Billy you can fight, shoot, and drive all in one game! Who would think the bayou would be so much fun? Plus the overweight character is super relatable."

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Jay - Tech Manager

3. Super Mario Bros.
2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
1. Mega Man 2"Mega Man 2 has the best soundtrack of the series. It was also the first Mega Man game I played and nostalgia plays a big role in making this my number 1 pick.'"

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Rob- Shipping Manager

3. Contra
2. Metal Gear
1. Predator"Of course I love Predator as it was based around my favorite movie of all time! Get to the choppperrr."

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Now that you've seen what millennials have chosen for their favorite games, how do their picks stand up against your own? Let us know in the comments below what you think and what you're top 3 NES games are!

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