Everyone's Favorite, Metroid, is back with a new installment

Posted by Joey on Aug. 19th, 2016

I remember Metroid being one of my all time favorite games on the NES. So I was particularly excited to hear that today, Nintendo is releasing an all new sequel to this fan favorite. This new title called Metroid Prime: Federation Force will be released for the Nintendo 3DS and looks to be their most ambitious attempt yet on a handheld system.

In Federation Force, the war between the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirates is still raging. You fight with the Federation Force as you join a four-player local or online squad. Your specialized Mech is able to face any foe that stands in your way.  

You can choose to customize your Mech with different weapons and mods to give you the best advantage over your enemies. Teamwork is critical as you all come together to heal allies and defeat the bosses. The eagerly anticipated sequel in the Metroid Prime series is finally here. 

I remember when my parents got me the original Metroid on the NES for my birthday. I had been on my umpteenth play through of my previous favorite game, Super Mario Bros. and was eager for something new. When I opened up the package and saw the cover art of the Metroid box I knew it was going to become a new favorite of mine. 

It was the same platforming type of gameplay that I was loved, only with a sci-fi twist that was right up my alley. Metroid had a strong influence on other games as well. It encouraged players to explore the level for secrets and you could find powerups that you could use to access areas that otherwise seemed blocked off, and future games started using these gameplay mechanics. Metroid was also unique because for its time period, it was one of the few games where you played as a female protagonist. In nearly all reviews the game received the highest marks across the board. 

If you haven't played this gem, or find yourself in the mood for a nostalgic replaying of this excellent title, DKOldies has everything you need. You can find the Metroid game for NES here, and the rare 'yellow label' version like in the picture above here. If you're curious as to why there are two versions of the game, we did a great blog post a while back detailing the answer. 

If you need a system to play it on, we offer two great options. There is the NES 1 Player Pak that comes with the original NES console, 1 controller and all the cords needed to hook it up. Or you could also get a new replica system such as the FC2 Slim. The FC2 Slim plays both NES and SNES games and comes with 2 controllers and all the necessary wires. Both of these systems would be a great way to reconnect with this classic series that is still going strong today. 

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