How To Make The Perfect Valentines Day Old School NES Date Night

Posted by Drew Steimel on Feb. 13th, 2017

Flowers, candy and maybe some old school Plumber/Princess smooching? This is the time for love and there is no better way to celebrate than hanging out with that special somone and reliving some great memories or even making some new ones. So how can you pull off the greatest Valentines Day ever? 

Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to to the best Valentines NES Day of your life.

Animated Mario and Princess Peach

1. Be Sneaky

Act like you have no idea Valentines Day exists. In secret you must plan everything as you are a ninja, a ninja of love with flying chinese stars of deception and nun-chucks of I have no idea what your talking about.

2. Get Your Games Ready

Obviously, you need to get some games you can play together, co-op games are not always a must. Games where you take turns are fun too. Mario PartyWario Ware and Super Smash are great co-op games. Also, don't be afraid to take turns with the original Super Mario Bros. 3Legend of Zelda and even Mike Tyson's Punch-Out are great choices too! 

3. Food!

It's a date, you need food. Get a bag of chips and a 2 liter of soda. That was easy!

4. Something Special

Now you need something to show you are a caring person. Nothing says I love you more than a pizza. Get one to add to your chips and soda. I know this is kind of crazy, but going the extra mile will seal the deal. Trust me.

5. Make Your Move

Ok, if you followed all the steps above you are in. You created confusion and set the bar extremely low, you played the perfect games and had the best time, you dazzeled with culinary delights. Wow, you are the coolest! Now is the time. When you save Princess Peach, or knock out Bald Bull and you know something special is in the air. That special Valentines Day moment that we all dream of and that you have prepared for the last... I don't know, hour or so? Make sure you lean in and whipers ever so gently... "You wanna to play Contra?" Boom! It will happen! You're Welcome! Greatest Valentines Day Ever!

Prepare in Style and get all your Favorite Nintendo NES Games and Systems.

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