Passing the Time: Best Retro Games to Beat Boredom

Posted by on Sep. 1st, 2015

Now that it's September, school's back in session. However,the weekends still feel like lazy Summer days. The kind filled with afternoons that seem to stretch on forever, and leave kids and parents alike wondering what to do with all that free time. They're the sort of days that actively court boredom, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, boredom is just life's way of telling you to take a break from the usual routine, and start looking for something new. So, if you’re looking to get lost in a new kind of tension to whittle away the hours until Fall gets here, please consider some of our staff's picks for the best games to beat back boredom:

Rob: Toobin’ (NES)

Remember how Paperboy made local bicycle routes seem fun and exciting? Toobin’ does the same thing for intertube enthusiasts. This is an often overlooked gem, which offers timeless arcade fun and challenge. It's the perfect game and the perfect setting for the last days of Summer.

Dustin: Contra (NES)

Contra is one of those games that always feels rewarding to beat, no matter how many times you’ve played it. “Difficult” barely begins to describe the original one-man-army simulator, and to this day completing Contra without using the famous Konami code (or even with it) is bound to garner you some serious gamer cred.

Zach: Kingdom Hearts (PS2)

Disney's original collaboration with Square Enix gave us one of the most immersive action RPGs to ever grace the world. The sheer amount of things to do in this game is nothing short of astounding. If you looking to pass a few afternoons or weeks, Kingdom hearts will keep you plenty busy. And there's no denying that those Disney-inspired visuals are easy on the eyes.

Steven: Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Genesis)

Okay, so this is technically two games. Sonic and Knuckles was the game that pioneered inserting a cartridge into another cartridge. And, when you paired it with Sonic 3, the results were amazing! Sega’s flagship title offered deliciously colorful visuals, blinding fast gameplay, and most importantly: a ridiculously catchy soundtrack. If you ever wanted a game that you could hum along to all day, this one's for you!

Obviously, this isn't a comprehensive list. Even we at DKOldies aren't beyond having some biases. So please, let us know in the comments what games you love to pop in when you have a few hours to kill. What titles ate away your childhood afternoons? Inquiring minds want to know!

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