Start over from where you died - crazy Mario Bros secret discovered on the NES

Posted by Justin on Feb. 4th, 2022

Like many people, Super Mario Bros. on the original NES was easily one of my favorite games growing up. That it was easy to learn and difficult to master was one of the features that kept me coming back. And with no save features, I remember leaving the game running for hours with the TV off so I didn’t lose my spot!

The worst part was making it all the way through to the last world, losing your final life and having to start all the way at the beginning of world 1 again. I got really good at those early levels trying to make it back to where I left off.

Well, I’ve found out (way too late in life!) that when you lose your last life, you don’t have to start over on world 1! When you lose your last life, hold A at the game over screen until you press start to start a new game and it will begin at the beginning of the world you lost your last life on!

Check out the video below to see it in action:

Want to try it for yourself? We’ve got you covered with our NES Mario Pak.

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