The Mario Game Nintendo Buried for 25 Years!

Posted by Steven Collier on Jan. 26th, 2016

To celebrate Mario's 25th anniversary, Nintendo released a commemorative book that featured interviews with the developers of the first Super Mario Bros game. As part of these interviews, the de … read more

How Nintendo Kept Pac Man Fever Burning!

Posted by Steven Collier on Jan. 22nd, 2016

In 1984, Pac-Man had already ruled the arcades for nearly half a decade and Pac-Man Fever was still going strong! However even after all this, the public demanded more! They wanted a home version of t … read more

Did Mega Man 3 Live Up to Expectations?

Posted by Steven Collier on Jan. 20th, 2016

  In 1990, Mega Man 2 was widely regarded as one of the greatest video game sequels ever made for the Nintendo NES. So, when Mega Man 3 dropped, people were skeptical over Capcom's claims t … read more

The 6 Original Must-Have NES Games

Posted by Steven Collier on Jan. 19th, 2016

You might be surprised to learn that Mario Bros. wasn't figured to be the original runaway hit for the NES system. When Nintendo of America first opened its doors in 1985, they had a very differe … read more

You got a Retro Console! Now what?

Posted by Steven Collier on Dec. 25th, 2015

Christmas is finally here! If you follow our blog, there’s a pretty good chance that you found a retro console under your tree this year. Maybe it’s even the same one your parents threw out way ba … read more