The FC2 SLIM is Here!

Posted by Steven Collier on Dec. 1st, 2015

Guess what? The legendary FC Twin system has returned just in time for the holidays! The good folks at Yobo Gameware have just unveiled the latest iteration of the retro console: The FC2 SLIM. Not only does it have all the power of earlier FC consoles, but as the name suggests, it's now packed into a totally redesigned case that's more compact than ever before. And as of today, it's a DKOldies exclusive!

The FC Twin Returns!

For those of you not familiar with Yobo's flagship gaming system, let me fill you in. Way back in 2006, the FC Twin rocked the retro gaming world. It was a modern console capable of faithfully playing both Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. Since then, the system has continually been optimized to further improve its already stellar performance. Even today it stands out as the gold standard for retro Nintendo consoles.

The FC2 SLIM more than lives up to this legacy of quality. The entire system feels very solid, despite it's feather-light weight. Cartridges can be easily inserted and removed, without ever feeling loose when connected to the the FC2 SLIM's pin connectors. But, what really makes this something special are two controllers that come packaged with the system.


Yobo has gone to painstaking detail to create a pair of near-perfect replicas of Super Nintendo Controllers. After handling the Yobo controllers for some time, I can honestly say that these feel amazing in your hands and will really make you feel like you're playing with the original peripherals. The only noticeable difference are the slightly raised shoulder buttons. However in my opinion, this is actually an improvement over the original design, as they offer slightly more resistance when pressed. It makes them feel crisp and responsive in a way that not even the original SNES controller can match.

However if you're a purist and want to use the original controllers, guess what? You can! The FC2 SLIM supports all Super Nintendo controllers so you can still use your favorite game devices with this new system. It's the best of both worlds!


Another huge plus for the FC2 SLIM is how easily it can be installed. Just like your original 8-Bit and 16-Bit consoles, all you need to do is plug in the included AV cables and AC Adaptor. That's it. No menus. No gimmicks. Just plug and play! Best of all, it can play on pretty much any TV out there. Flat screen, Samsung Ultra 4k display, or even a vintage CRT TV, as long as it's got AV inputs, the FC2 SLIM will work just as well on all of them!


As for its ability to replicate the performance of the original Nintendo consoles, this machine is unmatched. The FC2 SLIM operates off of a card slot reader. To spare you a lot of technical jargon, this means it reads and displays the data on your games the same way the original systems did. This makes it a very different console from the Retron 5, which uses some high-tech shenanigans to emulate a cartridge's data without directly reading it. As such, the FC2 SLIM offers an unparalleled degree of accuracy when displaying your favorite games down to the last pixel.


If you haven't gathered by now, I am very excited to have this iconic retro system back in stock. Its new, smaller design is just icing on the cake for anyone looking to free up some shelf-space. For one low price you get a system that can replicate two of the greatest gaming consoles ever made, while still being almost universally compatible with any display, and it offers two-player support right out of the box.

There haven't been any new Retro console releases for some time, so this flashy return of the FC Twin is a welcome addition to the gaming landscape. If you want to own the latest, and greatest retro Nintendo system on the market, don't wait to order the FC2 SLIM. It's selling fast, and you can only get it here at!

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