5 Retro Video Games That Will Make Dad Love You This Father's Day.

Posted by Joey on Jun. 17th, 2016

Take back the tie, home depot gift card, and any other stupid gift you were going to get Dad this year for Father’s Day, and let DKOldies make you a hero. I’m sure your Dad would love a coffee mug with your face on it, but let’s try something a little different this year.
You’ll be the golden child this Father’s Day when you waltz in with one of our Retro Video Game Dad gifts.

5. Contra for NES

Buy Contra Game
You, Dad and Contra... much better than socks!

4. 007 Goldeneye for N64

Purchase Goldeneye FPS
A Dad's survival skills are unmatched!

3. Tecmo Super Bowl for SNES

Get Tecmo Bowl football game
Are you parenting the right way?

2. Super Mario Bros. for NES

Buy original Super Mario Bros for Nintendo
Dad's love a challenge!

1.  Duck Hunt

Get Duck Hunt Gun Zapper game
Saturday Mornings were the best!

Now that you've succeeded in picking out the perfect game for Dad...

take it to the next level and buy him a system to play on. DKOldies is also a great place to look for retro systems. Check out our Most Popular Nintendo Console Paks For Sale. Take a look at the Twitter hashtag #DKOldiesDad to see what other people are saying about retro gaming memories with their Dad.

Mario 1, 2, 3 Zapper Pak
Buy Nintendo Mario 1 2 3 and Zapper Gun
N64 2 Player Pak
Get Nintendo 64 console and 2 controllers
Super Nintendo World Pak
Purchase Super Nintendo System and Super Mario World

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Do you have any other suggestions of a retro game that would earn your Dad's love, again? Share it, and any other memories of good times with Dad, in our comments below. 

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