Retro Holiday Gifts Under $25

Posted by Joey on Nov. 16th, 2020

Nintendo 64 

Nintendo 64 Play It Loud Poster

N64 games are very hot this year. Grind rails and catch air in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, where the iconic series got its start. Wave Race is a different take on a racing game where you can race on Jet skis instead of cars! And you're in for a rough and tumble time when you're playing  NFL Blitz. Also, don't forget a memory card so you can easily save your progress. Plus the AV to HDMI adapter is the easiest way to hook up your retro console to an HD TV and is one of our biggest sellers.

Nintendo NES

Nintendo NES Bundle

Any Nintendo fan knows that the NES is what started it all. Play a great puzzle game like Dr. Mario, or maybe get into some stealthy action with Ninja Gaiden. Everyone knows that two is better than 1 so an extra controller for your NES is an optimal choice for sure. Like unlocking cool features and cheats in your retro games? Well, the Game Genie for the NES makes that so easy for the player, it is a must have if you own an NES system!


Gamecube Bundle

The GameCube is in high demand right now and for good reason, it has tons of fantastic titles! Swing around NYC and fight crime in Spiderman 2, or hit a vert ramp and pull a 900 in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, or even play the story lines from your favorite Star Wars movies as Lego characters in Lego Star Wars. All of these games are some great titles for the GameCube, all under $25! If you have a GameCube and want to save your game progress, you're definitely going to want a memory card and a 64mb memory card has plenty of space for several different games. It's always fun to play games with friends, especially on the GameCube considering there are many great multiplayer titles, having more than one controller is a wise choice for the GameCube and a replica controller plays just as well as an original!

Super Nintendo (SNES)

Super Nintendo Bundle

The SNES is Nintendos sophomore effort at a home console and it is a favorite of many. Play highly sought after games like Star Fox, NBA Jam, and The Lion King. All games that truly show how much of an upgrade the SNES was from the original NES. Would you consider yourself a "pro gamer"? Even if you do or do not, the SNES pro pad controller is a well designed controller that has advanced controls to heighten your gaming experience. As you're building up your impressive SNES collection, you are obviously going to want to keep your games clean and pristine, a great way to protect your games is with a dust cover. SNES dust covers are minimal in design but massive in protection.  

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