Holiday Retro Buying Guide 2020

Oct. 27th, 2020

DKOldies Holiday Retro Gift Guide 2020

We asked our customers to help pick out a few products that would make any retro gaming fan delighted to see what's under the tree. These hand picked items are all fully refurbished, tested and cleaned and backed by our 120 day warranty. And best of all, free shipping is available on orders over $10.


Nintendo 64 Donskey Kong Bundle

For Black Friday, we've got doorbusting deals on some of our hottest products and things are selling very fast. We included our extremely popular N64 Donkey Kong Pak in our Doorbusters this year. This pak comes with Donkey Kong 64 and it also comes with Diddy Kong Racing, good thing it comes with two controllers as well.

Gamecube Mario Bundle

Believe it or not, we also included our GameCube Black Mario Pak in our Doorbusters as well this year. Super Mario Sunshine and the Nintendo GameCube are some of our best selling products and we decided to include them in our Doorbusters this year because everyone should have an opportunity to play this awesome game and have this awesome system.

Nintendo Games Black Friday

Dr. Mario, Pokemon Emerald, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, and one of our absolute best sellers, Luigi's Mansion, are just a few of the many popular games that we included in our Doorbusters. You don't want to miss out on all of the great titles that we've marked down for Black Friday this year!

Check out all of our other Doorbusters by clicking HERE. We have also extended our 120 warranty so your warranty will start on Christmas day. Don't miss out on these amazing deals, things are selling out super fast!

Featured Gifts

Nintendo 64 Mario Kart Bundle

The N64 is this year's hottest console and our N64 Mario Kart Pak gives you the best it has to offer. It comes with Mario 64, the time we got to experience Mario in full 3D. Plus with 2 controllers it's the perfect way to play Mario Kart by racing with a friend.

Gamecube Smash Kart Pak

2 players can have a blast with the GameCube Smash Kart Pak as it comes with some of the best party games ever made, Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Plus it has a fantastic library of titles like Metroid, Sonic, Star Wars and more.

Mario NES 123 Bundle

If you're shopping for a 90's kid, there's a good chance they grew up with the original NES console. Our NES 123 Pak comes with the original 3 Mario games that started it all.

Super Nintendo Mario World All Stars Bundle

The SNES All Stars Pak will have any Mario fan screaming 'Yahoo!'. Not only do you get the original Mario games on the All Stars cartridge, but you also get Super Mario World, the game where Yoshi made his debut.

Featured Games

Stacks of NES GamesStacks of Gamecube Games

Tetris is still considered one of the best puzzle games to this day. Looking for something in the action/adventure category? Metroid, Double Dragon or Contra are just what you need. Love sports games? Tecmo Bowl and Mike Tyson's Punchout are among the most beloved NES games of all time.

The Nintendo Gamecube offers a great selection of games for people of all ages to enjoy. Visit the underwater world of Spongebob with Battle for Bikini Bottom. If you're looking for a wacky, arcade style game then Crazy Taxi will have you driving all over the town. If you're looking for something unique consider Luigi's Mansion. It's a wonderful title in the Mario Bros franchise that includes a spooky atmosphere. 

Pile of N64 Games

If you're looking to have some of the best N64 games, these games above are a great place to start. Battle against some of your favorite Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros. This game is an absolute classic and is still considered to be one of the best video games ever made!

If First Person Shooters are your games of preference, 007 Goldeneye will not disappoint! Goldeneye is a world renown game for the N64 that will always keep you on your toes and also has stellar multiplayer functions so you can play with family and friends!

Want to play the Skateboarding game that started it all? Tony Hawks Pro Skater is the title that put skateboarding games on the map and it's a ton of fun. Combine different tricks to perform sick combos or play a game of S.K.A.T.E. Whatever game mode you decide to play, Tony Hawks Pro Skater is a timeless game that you will love.

Lots of Retro Video Games

No Matter what games you are looking for, our game inventory will have you covered with games going as far back to the Atari, and the newest of games for the PS4 and Xbox One. Whatever you are looking for; Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Sega, Atari, and so much more... We have it all here at DKOldies.

Play an awesome action/adventure game like Uncharted 3, or play an all time classic arcade game like Ms. Pacman. If you are into fighting games, Mortal Kombat 3 for the Playstation will not let you down, there are just so many games to choose from!

Playstation and Xbox

        PS2 Console with Controller                    Original Xbox With Controller

The Playstation and Xbox gave us some fantastic games like God of War, Spyro the Dragon, Halo and Grand Theft Auto. Any gamer would love to open up one of these consoles this holiday season. One cool feature of the Playstation 2 Player Pak is that it can also play original Playstation games so it's almost like getting two consoles in one. The Original Xbox Player Pak is also a great system to have considering there are so many great titles to play on it!


Red DS System      GBA SP Blue System        Gameboy Color Clear Purple System          PSP 3000 Console

Do you want to game on the go? A handheld system is perfect for just that! We have plenty of different Game BoysGame Boy Advances, Nintendo DS's and PSP systems! A handheld system is great if you don't want to hook up a console to a TV, they're great for kids as well!


                      Atari 2600 Combat Bundle


The Atari 2600 is what people picture when they hear the word word "Atari", It's a great classic system and a must have if you are looking to either play the system that you grew up with years ago, or if you're looking to play some of the very first video games available for a home console. Play classic games like Asteroids, Frogger, or Centipede, the games that started it all!


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