Top 10 Best Selling Nintendo NES Games of all time

Posted by on May. 5th, 2014

Posted on by DK

The Nintendo Entertainment system has some of the greatest selling games of all time and hold many sales records that still hold up today. Super mario Sold over 40 million world wide and Mario 3 selling over 17 million world wide. I wanted to look at what was sold only in America and its amazing how many games sold here. Here is a list of the top 10 Nintendo NES games and their sales numbers sold in the United States:

  1. Super Mario Bros. – 29.52 Mil.
  2. Duck Hunt – 27.34 Mil.
  3. Super Mario 3 – 9.69 Mil.
  4. Super Mario 2 – 5.49 Mil.
  5. Legend of Zelda – 3.8 Mil.
  6. Tetris – 3.02 Mil.
  7. Dr. Mario – 2.66 Mil.
  8. Legend of Zelda II - 2.22 Mil.
  9. ExciteBike – 2.07
  10. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out – 2.06 Mil.

The Worldwide top 10 list is similar except that Golf the NES Classic Sports game made the 10th spot instead of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. The US Sales figures make up about 70% of the total worldwide sales numbers.

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